Tea Rooms Menu

Please see below our current menu & prices

You can also check out our daily specials board for additional items and to see what freshly baked cakes are available.

Breakfast Menu
Full English Breakfast - (Bacon, sausage, egg, black pudding, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms, beans) served with toast and butter5.45
Mini English Breakfast - Bacon, sausage, egg and beans served with toast and butter4.25
Beans / Scrambled Egg on Toast3.20
Breakfast Omelette (sausage, bacon, mushrooms and tomato)4.25
Bacon/Sausage sandwich3.20

Lunch Menu
Soup of the day with warm roll or chunk of rye bread3.95
Salad bowl3.50
Caesar salad5.25
Tortilla chips with melted cheese and salsa3.95
Portion of chips2.00
Cheese Ploughmans - selection of cheeses with chunk of rye bread, apple, chutney and a side salad5.25
Meat Ploughmans - selection of cold meats with chunk of rye bread, apple, chutney and a side salad5.25

Jacket Potatoes
Served with a side salad
Cheese / Beans / Chilli / Prawn or Tuna mayonnaise4.15
Smoked Salmon with cream cheese4.50
Crispy bacon and coleslaw4.25
Extra fillings0.30

Served on fresh white bread or cob, wholemeal or malted grain bread with side salad, crisps and coleslaw.
Cheese / Ham / Beef / Egg Mayonnaise4.15
Tuna / Prawn Mayonnaise4.25
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese4.50
Chicken speciality of the day4.25

Served with side salad, crisps and coleslaw
Crispy bacon, brie and cranberry4.25
Ham, tomato and mozzarella4.25
Turkey, bacon, roasted red pepper and cheddar4.25
Roast beef, caramelised onions and tomato4.25
Roasted red pepper and 3 cheese4.25

Children's Menu
Sausage, chicken nuggets or fish fingers with chips or half jacket potato and mushy peas, beans or salad.3.50

Baked Goodie Menu
Toasted teacake with butter1.60
Plain or Fruit Scone with butter and jam2.00
Plain or Fruit Scone with butter, jam and clotted cream2.50
Traditional Afternoon Tea selection of sandwiches, scones and cakes served with a pot of tea or cup of coffee6.00
Selection of cakes, traybakes and biscuits see display