History of the Fountain

Since buying the Fountain in early 2011 and after a lengthy restoration project, we are trying to find out some of the history of the building and it’s surroundings. If anyone can expand or fill in any detail, we would be delighted to find out more.

View our restoration blog here and see pictures of how it progressed.

A few facts about 'The Fountain'

Originally known as the New Inn, it was one of nine pubs in the village at a time when lead mining was a major occupation and critical to the economy of the village. Apart from lead mining being thirsty work, ale was believed to protect the miners from “belland”, or lead poisoning, the perfect excuse to call in after a hard shift down the mine. Ale was considered safer to drink than water from springs that were often polluted and unsanitised, an important everyday essential.

The earliest recorded publican was Daniel Bower in the 1840’s, followed by George Higgott and his wife Elizabeth. Josiah Oliver, listed as a frameworker in the 1851 census was publican by 1861, living on the premises with his wife Ann, who ran a small grocery shop, and four children. Josiah was landlord for many years, and after his death his wife continued to run the pub with the help of her daughter until she too passed away in the early 1890’s. During this time their son Josiah was a “carrier”, running a business probably transporting goods into the village from Cromford canal using a horse and cart belonging to the pub.

Thomas Henry Poundall took over as landlord and the building was re-named “The Fountain Inn” after the monument that stands in front of it. At this time there was bed and breakfast accommodation and apartments too. So history repeats itself, as it often does, though tea, coffee and pop rather than ale are the drinks served in the new “Fountain”.

So, we look forward to welcoming you to our watering hole. Remembering the history of the building we are kept the name that so many recognise. Offering a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, soups, sandwiches, main meals and snacks as well as breakfast, home baked cakes and afternoon teas, we hope to have something for everyone. And Bradwells Ice Cream! Keep an eye on the blackboard for Specials where our selection is updated daily!