News and progress updates
You can see photographs of the restoration here
25/03/2012 OPEN Today we opened almost by accident - a try it out day for family and friends attracted so many it seemed rude to turn them away - thanks everyone for your support. Start trading for real" tomorrow.
09/03/2012 Almost there! Wow don't the railings look good! Roy has made a great job and weather permitting will finish on Monday. Furniture has arrived for B&B rooms and Tea Rooms. Just those finishing touches now in the main rooms...
01/03/2012 March! Hopefully opening this month, getting excited and nervous now... Wooden flooring almost finished, carpet in bedrooms looking great. Counter in place ready for business! A few bits of plumbing to finish off round the serving area. Menu holders being made today, thanks to Nettie at the Design and Make Bus.
25/02/2012 UPDATE Teapots, cups and mugs with the logo printed have arrived and look great. Wood flooring starting to go down on Monday in the main tearooms, can't wait! Super fast dishwasher arriving Monday. Carpet going into the b&b rooms next week too, then they'll finally look like real rooms. En suites are finished apart from those "character" wooden beams needing another coat of varnish. Oh and I'm officially fed up of gloss paint....
05/02/2012 Kitchen! Kitchen cupboards and appliances now in place, looking good. Upstairs architraves and skirtings fixed and awaiting filling, sanding and painting, my next challenge! Cobbling on drive looking great (though the snow is hiding that today!) Bathroom suites should be fitted this week and counter arrives on Tuesday, snow permitting.
01/02/2012 Driveway coming along a treat!! Decorating going well, paintbrush and rollers not my favourite pastime tho. Doors hung and awaiting handles, looking great. Architraves and skirtings starting to go on upstairs.
27/01/12 News! Kitchen has arrived ready for fitting, en suites are fully tiled, tiling in the toilet areas will be finished tomorrow. Drive coming on well with Andy and Joe zooming through the cobbles. Kitchen area painted and flooring progressing. Still up to my elbows in paint!
18/01/2012 Another landmark! Plastering is finished! Boiler is in so we now have heating and hot water (though the only taps at the moment are the 2 en suite bathrooms) Some of the lights and sockets have now been connected to the new fuseboard.... Painting progressing well but still a long way to go (my job but it's keeping me out of mischief!). Kitchen floor starts to go down tomorrow evening and kitchen units and appliances arrive next week. Tiling progressing well in second en suite. Getting close!
09/01/2012 Progress update We have lights upstairs and underfloor heating working in the en suites! Plastering is finished in the main room and kitchen and the food prep room is almost done too. Painting progressing well in the main cafe area, finally looks like a real room. Log burner fitted in the new fireplace and looks great as well as keeping us a bit warmer and helping to dry out the plaster.... Andy and Dave have all but finished the main patio area and are progressing well with preparations for cobbling the drive.
01/01/2012 Happy New Year This year will be a very exciting one for us - aiming to open pre Easter after completion of the renovations. Thanks to all those who have worked so hard to get us this far - Dan, Josh and Dave from ADH Building Services, Andy Land, Matt Allen and his team of plumbers, Len and Alan the electricians who have so far put in nearly a kilometer of cabling....
24/12/2012 Christmas! Main room plastered, both bedrooms decarated, one en suite tiled, good progress on the patio and templates made for the railings. Had a well earned night out with the builders last night, much enjoyed by all, at least by Dave until he fell asleep propped up in the Barley Mow (can't take the pace!). Dan managed it through to 3am though - (plastered after plastering??) - good effort ADH boys! Festive greetings to all our followers! Can't wait till we open in the new year ...
24/11/2011 Renovation update First coat of paint on one of the bed and breakfast rooms, willing the plaster to finish drying out in the other. Underfloor heating fitted in en suite bathrooms and baths and showers are going in today. Boarding out continues downstairs. Fireplace now has a new stone top which looks great but was massively heavy! The lower level of the patio has been laid and looks great. Things are definitely taking shape now.
03/11/2011 Windows are in, making a huge difference, rendering to patch up the outside continuing, as weather permits. The old clubroom building has been sandblasted ready for repointing. Inside, plasterboarding and window boards are progressing, studwork being put up to form the internal shape. First fix electrics downstairs being completed, tiles are ordered for the b&b bathrooms. It's all going on!
05/10/11 Plasterboard!!!!!!!!
01/10/2011 PROGRESS! The new flat roof has been completed to form the kitchen extension, which is nice, bright and airy. Damp proofing is now in progress and plasterboard has arrived in preparation for when this is completed. 1st fix plumbing and electrics under way
03/09/2011 Steels! More heavy steels have been installed this week to support the roof of the new kitchen walkway and first fix electrics are in upstairs. Exciting times!
29/08/2011 Walls and concrete Loads of concrete has been mixed and walls rebuilt to form the kitchen area, more RSJ's are due to go in over the next few days to support the new roof above the kitchen passageway. First fix electrics over the next few days, windows due to arrrive soon too!!
18/08/2011 More news! Andy Land has been working hard with the digger getting rid of some bedrock in the area that will be the new kitchen passageway and the base of the kitchen floor has been concreted. Some heavy work for the boys again, progress still being made...
21/07/2011 Progress update Website is up and running, must get some more texts written! Looks great thanks Ian. Building work progressing, there's been much more to do than anticipated and it's taking shape nicely now, a little less imagination needed!
01/07/2011 Update! Internal walls have been carefully removed to open up the downstairs area, RSJs replacing 20 inch thick walls! New joists and floorboards and new staircases allow us to get upstairs again! There's still some big rocks to bring out but Dan and Josh (ADH Building Services) are well up for the challenge. Progressing well...
22/05/2011 Renovation continues Work continues inside now the roof has been completed. One internal wall has been rebuilt, another is in process of being removed - what a transformation! Anyone who knows any of the history of the building or the fountain please contact us at, we'd be really interested in hearing from you
27/04/2011 Renovation progress! Renovation hardly seems to be the right word for it! The hard working team, Dan and Josh, have stripped the inside of the building, uncovering all kinds of interesting challenges. There have been sweat, tears and more whilst digging out the solid rock of the kitchen floor and just a little sun worship whilst replacing the roof! All is going well.............
20/04/2011 Weekly progress The good weather has been a real help this week as work on the roof can proceed unhindered.